Die with Honour is an ongoing campaign utilizing Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition or 5th Edition, and takes place in the Forgotten Realms, a world filled with magic, monsters and adventure.

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Sunday 6pm – 9pm

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“Die With Honour” uses Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition or 5th Edition for 4 – 8 players set in the Forgotten Realms. It is a continuous campaign, suitable for all skill levels, no previous experience required although would be beneficial. Age : 13+

Character creation required during the session, but pre-created characters may be used upon approval from the Dungeon Master. Please note, players playing for the 3rd year in a row might need a 2nd copy of their character sheet at one level higher, due to gaining enough experience to go up to the next level.

Adventure league rules for 5th edition players – 27 point buy / 2 books and tier 1 level character if you have adventure league logs else use character pregenerated or approved by GM

Each character starts with either a +2 magical generic item (no artefacts, no special, no named items) OR two +1 magical generic items (no artefacts, no special, no named items). The items can be protection or weapons but not flame tongue or other named type. 

About Die With Honour

Welcome to the final execution of the mercenary scum and adventurers that claimed to fight for the King of Flanaess. The righteous, the victorious…  

Huh. As if! They were barely able to keep themselves alive, let alone be victorious. The last of the diehard adventurers is all worn out, and tired of trying to finish a job meant for an army that is all dead. Soon they’ll be dead as well, but they don’t know that. 

The King requires a party of adventurers for one last act of defiance against the evil in Stone Mount. A centre of evil, it took 4 battalions of men – including knights, footmen, archers, priests and Magi – just to halt the wave of demons and monsters flowing from the black heart of the mount into the once rich, now war-torn, land. While everyone else is licking their wounds, you lot (the players) and two other mercenary parties that did not take part in the main battle, are being sent in to the heart of mountain and make sure it is clear… Or not.  



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