Sunday 10am to 1pm

Five years ago, a hidden prior-world installation woke up after aeons
of somnolence. The night of its awakening, the land screamed and
shuddered. After the tremors subsided and the day crept back,
something enormous was revealed: a massive new structure, many miles
in diameter, had burst up through the ground. It had been expelled to
the world’s surface—or did it move under its own power?

A dangerous contagion in Ballarad has led the PCs into the Jade
Colossus, where the healer Gerob knows of key ingredients to a cure.
But when a collapse blocks their escape route, can the players find
their way out of the massive structure? And when Gerob becomes more a
liability than an ally, is there any hope of bringing the cure to the
stricken city?

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