Dungeon & Dragons - Festival of Lights

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D&D run by The Surrealia Podcast

Players of all kinds, creeds and experience levels are welcome in our adventure under the multicoloured sky. Pre-generated characters, with a few blank spaces left to fill in, will be waiting at the table for you to bring to life, and experienced DM and show creator, Damian Ashcroft will be guiding you through our fantastical city.

A 2 hour adventure set in the world of Canberra’s own D&D podcast, Surrealia. The adventure takes place in Duopolis, a vibrant and eclectic city where fortune and danger can be found by any who care to look for it, during the city-wide Festival of Lights!The Surrealia Podcast leans heavily on improvisation and player input, so there’s no way of knowing what the Festival of Lights will offer your heroes until it begins! Everyone at the table will be invited to make suggestions as to what your adventure entails. Will you seek fortune in the bustling markets of the mid-peak's Saddle; the glittering spires of the Paramount districts; or the rough and tumble of the lake-side docks?

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Saturday (22nd January)


10:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00