Era: The Consortium

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The Consortium is a huge society, home to multiple alien races, including Humans. The society is based on financial merit – the more money a company makes, the more political power it has. As a result, a small number of companies rule over the Consortium, manipulating the population and each other in an unending struggle for power. A Resistance has formed to fight back against the companies. The war between the two factions rages across the three solar systems, each struggling to control what they can. You have a universe of choices: fight with a faction or choose your own path.

Hard Times in Kurma City

Welcome to Smertios Security’s Diversified Community Peacekeeping Task Force, better known as the “Off-Beat.”

Whatever you did to deserve this assignment, it must have really ticked somebody off. Or maybe you don’t have any contacts, family, or other connections and this is the best you can do. Or, gods help you, you might be one of those poor sods who thinks they’re going to make a difference in the community.

However you got here, you’re in for a bumpy ride. The plan to build Ximian-Specific Areas (XSAs) hasn’t panned out the way that many had hoped. Confining the Ximians for their safety and the safety of those around them seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s been a hot mess from day one. Civil unrest, crime, violence… instead of staying in the ghettos, it all spread out to the surrounding communities, further blurring the lines between what is and isn’t an XSA.

These X-slums, as they’re often called, now fall under your jurisdiction. This is the Off-Beat. Your beat. Sorry about that. To get you started, there’s a nice, run-of-the mill murder to investigate. A woman – a Human woman – named Violet Carver was just found dead in an X-slum alley. Considering that her body was found in two halves, this is a pretty obvious Ximian homicide. Word is already coming from up high: the powers that be want this sewn up neat and quick.

We need to show the Consortium that Ximian violence doesn’t go unnoticed, nor unpunished, so put the boots to the perp if you’re in the mood. Don’t kill them during the interrogation, though – we technically need them to be alive if we want them to stand trial. And we want them to stand trial. The grunts already have a suspect in custody, so get down there and get this matter settled before anybody gets too anxious.

Pre-generated characters provided.

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