Vast Grimm


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Vast Grimm

Vast Grimm is a rules-light Infectious Sci-Fi Horror RPG packed with everything you need to immerse yourself into a universe on the brink of collapse. Set in an alternate dark future where the Earth has broken into fragments, its survivors cling and survive as a black shroud called The Grimm is smothering all life through the universe. The end is near for all life unless they can find a way to escape to a parallel universe.

Judgement of the Six

Great news! YOUR LEGION lives another day having completed another successful endeavor. The bad news? Your supplies run dangerously low, the ship desperately needs dockside patching, and YOUR LEGION itself could definitely use some well-deserved shore leave, for whatever R&R is worth in the ‘verse.

For a change, things are going your way. Systems identify X-11 as an open colony nearby, one capable of meeting all your needs, more or less. The colony resides on a large mineral rich asteroid where colonists mine for precious metals.

Suitable for player ages 13+

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Saturday 21st January, Sunday 22nd January, Monday 23rd January


9:30am – 12:30pm