Sunday 6pm to 9pm

Release the Kraken – a scenario by Clark Valentine.

Among the legendary sea monsters of Terra’s Pirate Nations, the Kraken is the most feared and most respected. Seafarers with families use tall tales of the Kraken to frighten and entertain their children, and legends of encounters with the Kraken regale the patrons at dockside taverns on every shore.

Today, the nightmare becomes real. The Kraken has been sighted off the Jaraguan coast, closer to land than it has ever wandered before, tearing through ships with reckless abandon. The call has gone out across the seas for the bravest of sailors to end this scourge forever.

But as the hunter becomes the hunted, a dark plot comes to fruition, and the Atabean Trading Company takes its hunger for power and conquest to new heights—they seek not to destroy the Kraken, but to seize its terrible power for their nefarious ends! With these villainous designs in motion, and with blood in the water, bold Heroes must take sail to restore stability and peace to their beloved seas…

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