Code of Conduct

Chaos Conventions are committed to making the convention a fun, safe and welcoming environment for all attendees and staff. We aim to foster an environment that is inclusive and free from discrimination and harassment.

We expect all people at the convention to be respectful and considerate of others. We will not tolerate offensive behaviour or harassment of any kind. If you observe or experience such behaviour please notify one of the convention organizers.

If it is determined that an attendee has engaged in harassment, they may be asked to leave.

Alcohol and Smoking

The venue is unlicensed and therefore no alcohol will be permitted on the premises.

The venue is a smoke free environment; this includes vaping and e-cigarettes.

X card

Each gaming table will have an X card in the centre of the table. If a player is uncomfortable with the game, they can touch the X card. The game will be stopped and the situation will be discussed and resolved so the game can continue.

If a player needs to leave the game for their health and safety, they may do so without the need to explain the reason and without guilt or harassment.

Please refer here for further information.



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